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Horse Management

Horse Management (HM) refers to the unmounted knowledge portion of the USPC curriculum. Horse Management knowledge is tested during the members' ratings, is applied practically at all meetings, and at rallies when they compete both by demonstrating teamwork and unmounted skills in the barns and showcasing their mounted skills in the ring. It is an important portion of our mission to develop members who are well-rounded horsemen and women -- on and off the field.

Click here to visit the USPC Horse Management pages for lots of helpful information!

A Note from Ildiko Foreman, The Virginia Region's 2020 Horse Management Organizer (HMO):

Wow! A brand new decade; can you believe it?? But that’s not even the crazy part. The crazy part is that my son is starting his sixth year in Pony Club! Where does the time go? My name is Ildiko Foreman and this year I will be taking on a new role in Pony Club … the Virginia Region Horse Management Officer. I’ve been a Pony Club mom long enough now that I’ve seen what a great learning experience Horse Management offers … and the stress it induces. I hope we can do something about the stress and keep learning.

For returning members, don’t forget to look for any changes in the rulebook, and stay organized. Also, take a look at the young members in your club and especially the new members, young or old. They NEED a mentor. If you can take someone under your wing and help them sort through the HM maze in a positive way, they will probably be forever grateful. In addition, by helping them, you will learn more yourself and hopefully catch any mistakes you were going to make before you make them! Nothing helps you learn like teaching others.

Which leads me to new members. First of all, don’t panic! Ask other members who’ve been with Pony Club for a few years to help you understand what is going on in Horse Management. Once you’ve gone through the process a few times, it really does get easier. Also, ask someone to take an Equipment Checklist and cross off all the things you don’t need. Your club probably has a few rally kits and you don’t need to go out and buy all the items on that list. However, before you go to a rally it is a good idea to become familiar with the kit and make sure it is complete.

For new parents, we hope to have a parent Horse Management orientation at our 2020 Quiz Rally or Horseless Rally or both! Please encourage your new or young Pony Club member to attend one or both of these rallies. Then look for me and we’ll try to de-mystify the Horse Management for you. Let’s all have fun this year and set our goals, both our realistic can-do goals and our soaring, enthusiastic, you-never-know-if-you-don’t-try goals! And I hope to see you all at the rallies!

Last year's HMO put together a number of videos to help members and their parents prepare for a rally. If you have questions about an HM rule or any other rally issues, please don't hesitate to contact our HMO at any time. Contact information can be found on our Our Region/Officers & Contacts page.

Turnout Rubrics

The HM Committee worked on a new scoring system and, to support that, created rubrics to help aid in the scoring.  It does not look like the new system is going to "take off", but the HMO of DelMarVa took it, and messaged it to work with the current scoring system.  This is a really good thing to study if you are a mystified member, an HMJ learning to do turnouts, or an experienced sort looking to become more consistent.

Delmarva HM Newsletter

An HMO from DelMarVa put together this HM newsletter.  It contains a nice summary of HM information for rally.

What's New 2015 HM document

USPC has put together this document "What's New" for 2015 HM. It is a pdf document that reviews all rule changes for 2015 HM.

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