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New members joining VRPC. [If you are a VRPC leader, do NOT login to add a new member using the system below. Instead, click the Membership Level below and the email address of the new member.] If joining between September 1 and December 31 can pay a prorated fee to join for 16 months. Otherwise, please join at the 12mo level. Please forward your receipt of payment (you will receive a system email after payment) to the VRPC Membership Coordinator,, and copy your club's or center's Membership Coordinator. Memberships are not complete until paid and approved by Aldona.

Need to renew your VRPC membership? You should have received a system generated email directly with a link to renew. You can also login using the email address you used to join VRPC and pay through the "Late Renewal" link found on your profile page. If you can't find your system generated renewal email and you don't recall which email address you used to register, contact your club or center leadership and the VRPC Membership Coordinator, DO NOT CREATE A NEW MEMBERSHIP FOR YOURSELF.

New members joining USPC may now complete forms electronically. Directions on how to invite new members online may be found on the Club/Center Administration page (Parents/Volunteers, Resources, Club/Centers, middle column “Administration Resources”).

Need to renew your USPC membership? Here are some tips and guidelines for renewing your USPC membership.

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