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Virginia Region Pony Clubs

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VRPC Payment & Refund Policy

Approved by the Regional Council on March 8, 2017

Payment Policy & Procedure:

  • All payments are made (post marked or paid in Pay Pal) by the Team Closing Date as stated on the invitation and in the Wild Apricot calendar.
  • A 20% late fee will be assessed to all payments made AFTER the Team Closing Date.
  • It is preferred that payments be made by clicking on the invoice link and paying via pay pal.
  • Individual and Club checks are acceptable and must be post marked by the Team Closing Date. Please identify the invoice number on the check. For club checks covering a number of participants a list of participants and invoices numbers must be included.
  • Failure to comply with the payment policies will result in a member “not in good standing” and will impact the ability of the member to participate in regional activities and certifications.
  • If a late entry is accepted (after the Team Closing Date for Rallies and The Individual Closing Date for all other activities), a late fee of 20% will be assessed. A late registration of Stable Managers will not be assessed a late fee.

VRPC Refund Process for Entry Withdrawal:

  • Each Regional activity’s announcement will state the refund parameters.
  • Opening and Closing dates (deadlines for entries) will be clearly stated.
  • All refunds will be paid to the person or club that made the original payment. If the club paid, the club will be refunded. If an individual paid, the individual will be refunded. In the event of a withdrawal a participant should notify both his/her DC/CA, the event Secretary or Organizer, and the VRPC Treasurer. An email notification is acceptable if outside 72 hours of the event. A phone call, with email follow up is required if the withdrawal is within 72 hours.

Preps and Clinics:

Prior to the individual closing date, refunds will be given.

After the individual closing date, no refunds will be given except with a vet/med certificate and a 20% administrative fee will be assessed.

USPC National Testing:

  • Refunds will be given per USPC policy. The testing region may withhold a portion or the entire regional fee should the candidate decide to withdraw or change sites, per USPC cut off dates.


Prior to the Individual closing date a refund will be given.

After the team closing date, no refund will be given except with a vet/med certificate, and a 20% administration fee will be assessed.

  • USPC entry fees will be refunded per USPC Championships policy.

Prior to the VRPC Closing Date, a full refund of VRPC Championships fees will be given.

After the VRPC Closing Date and prior to travel to Championships, no refund of VRPC Championships fees will be given except with a vet/medical certificate. Vet/Medical Certificates must be received by August 31 of the competition year. A refund will be given less an administrative fee as set by USPC and a $25 VRPC fee.

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