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USPC Championships

Each year United States Pony Clubs (USPC) offers Championship competitions in seven disciplines; Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Games, Polocrosse, Tetrathlon, and Quiz (non-riding, knowledge based competition). Championships generally follow the same format as a Standard Rally. Members compete as part of a team from their region (or on scramble teams) and are judged on riding abilities as well as horse management skills. Every three years USPC Championships is held at the Kentucky Horse Park immediately prior to an educational offering by USPC and called Festival. Visit the USPC website for more general information about Championships.

Virginia Region Pony Clubs Information About USPC Championships

After each qualifying rally, provided they have fulfilled all eligibilty criteria set by USPC, those qualifying members will be entered into the USPC website by the VRPC Championship coordinator, Michelle Arnold. Once entered into the USPC website, members will be able to view the disciplines they have qualified for and then can register online via the USPC website.

As of May 6th, 2021, VRPC qualifiers for Stable Managers, Quiz, Dressage and Eventing (if you provided additional paperwork) have been entered in the USPC website and therefore members can log into USPC website and register.

To view your personal qualifications and register for Championships, please view the following tutorial: 2019 USPC VRPC Championships East Registration Information.pdf

Any member who believes that they have qualified but who is not listed as qualified on the USPC website for that discipline should email the VRPC Championships Coordinator Michelle Arnold at 

B/HA/A members are not required to participate in a qualifying rally to attend Championships and are asked to email the VRPC Championships Coordinator if they would like to request permission to participate. There are occasionally other requirements they must fulfill depending on the discipline.

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2019 Qualifiers

** 2021 is pending**The qualifiers spreadsheet will be updated throughout the rally season as each qualifying rally ends. Please note that there are three tabs at the bottom for you to use: "by PC/RC", "by Name", and "by Discipline". If you do not see your name listed for a discipline that you think you have qualified in, please don't hesitate to email our Championships Coordinator Michelle Arnold at and ask!

2019 ChampsRanking .xlsx

Pending for Tet, Polocrosse, Games
Eventing Qualifiers still need USEA qualifier paperwork reviewed

2011 Championships Promotional Video

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