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  • 2019 Eventing D Rally - Team/Scramblers Registration

2019 Eventing D Rally - Team/Scramblers Registration

  • 09/22/2019
  • Red Gate Farm, 19255 Foggy Bottom Road Bluemont, VA 20135


  • Teams are composed as follows and includes the ability (if you choose) to combine D2 and D3 riders onto the same team:

    D1 Team - 2 D1 riders, SM, C advisor

    D2 / D3 Team - 3-4 riders and combination of D2 and/or D3, SM, C advisor

    Scrambler - Any member not assigned to a club team. Secretary will assign them to team with an opening.

Registration is closed

Team registration Opening Date: September 10, 2019

Closing Date (Teams/Scramblers): September 12, 2019


Organizer - Michelle Arnold and Susanne Mullan

Secretary -  Michelle Arnold michellearnold1997@gmail.com

VRS Activities Michelle Arnold michellearnold1997@gmail.com

RS Carrie Camp carriecamp@fairfieldfarm.com

Please note we are allowing mixed teams of 3-4 riders of D2 and D3 levels. This means you may combine your D2's and D3's onto the same team. 

D1's will not be combined with other levels and will remain a team of 2 riders.

After the Closing Date for the Individual Registration (September 9th), the VRS  will send Leaders a spreadsheet of all entries. You can also view entries as they are made by clicking on the "Registrants" link in the Event description on the Calendar.

Clubs & Centers should use this form to enter both TEAMS AND SCRAMBLERS. Please indicate team and scrambler chaperone & members. Clubs & Centers should fill out this form as many times as necessary, once for each team, scrambler, or group of scramblers. 

The chaperone is the name, cell & email requested as the registrant. 

The chaperone will receive an automated email from the system upon this registration and a reminder email prior to the rally. 
Signed Chaperone Forms must be scanned and uploaded in the registration.

For technical assistance, email Dawn Bellinger at bellingerdr@gmail.com

For questions about membership, email Aldona Petraitis at VRPCmembership@gmail.com

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