My daughter who is a current member is using my email address as her login. I have another daughter joining now and I want my older daughter to use her own personal email and my younger daughter to use my email address. How do I make that happen?

The email address associated with any account is editable by you at any time. You are welcome to change your older daughter's login to a different email address and your younger daughter's login to your address or let both girls use their own emails for their registrations. You're in control. 

One note of caution. Whichever login you use will be the email that receives all system notifications of upcoming events, membership renewals, event reminder emails, etc so you will want to be sure that either your daughters are on top of their email and keeping you informed or that you are also receiving system emails so that you know what's happening.

Why Must Members Have a Unique Email Address?

We are using software (Wild Apricot) designed for Association Membership Management (ie. adults) which assumes that each member has a unique email address and thus uses that address for the member's UserName for their login. We chose this software over many others because of the value provided for the cost. We knew that the email address problem would be an issue but determined that it was worth the hassle for the value of the software.

Wild Apricot will not only provide us the ability to manage our membership but also event entries, our website, email blasts and newsletters. It offers User Forums as well, a feature we have yet to explore but may find useful in the future. While our membership is small (about 350), the management of it is quite time consuming and difficult to manage.

If your child does not have his/her own unique email address, it's easy to create a new one with free using services like gmail. It's also easy to set up email forwarding to forward all emails automatically from one email address to any other email address so that you don't have to ever check it.

What if There Are Errors in My Profile?

You may change many things in your profile, including your email address. Just click "Edit", make the change and remember to save your changes. Your changes should be reflected immediately on your club's or center's roster. You can not change your certification information. That can only be changed by our membership coordinator. Please email her and copy your DC/CA if you see an error with your certifications. We will need the exact date of your new certifications and your DC's or CA's approval before we can make a change.

How Do I Pay Online For VRPC Events & Membership?

When you register for a VRPC rally or activity, you will receive an invoice via email which you can forward to your club for payment if they pay your fees or you can pay yourself online through our new website. Club Officers can pay invoices using the link in the email you send them or with a club check to the VRPC Treasurer who can mark your invoice paid. Membership renewals can be paid when you login under "View Profile" in the upper right corner of your screen or using the link in the renewal email received just prior to our November 15th renewal deadline.

How do I pay an invoice? or What if I can't find the invoice?

When you register for an event, an invoice is generated by the system and emailed to you. You can either pay it yourself at the time of registration via credit card or mail a check to VRPC Treasurer. Or, if your club will be paying for the event for you, you can email the invoice to your club's Treasurer for payment. 

If you can't find the email for some reason, notify the VRPC leader in charge of that activity and they can resend the invoice to you (and copy your Treasurer if necessary). VRPC Leaders responsible for events can be found on website under Our Region/Officers & Contacts.

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